What You Need for a Perfect Mane

By Marcus Koll - Keeping your horse's mane looking its best isn't something to leave until the day before a show. Clipping and trimming a little each week will result in a better finish, a healthier mane, and a happier horse.

Grooming for Health and Beauty

By Melanie Huggett - For horse people, nothing is more beautiful than a horse with a gleaming, dappled coat and a freely flowing mane and tail. Creating such a look is not impossible, but does require some effort. Following are nine tips for making your horse both eye-catching and the picture of health, all year round.

Feeding Horses for Brilliant Coat Shine

By Dr. Nerida Richards, PhD - There is nothing more pleasing to a horse owner's eye than a brilliant, shiny coat. And aside from looking great, a shiny coat also indicates the horse is healthy inside and out. The question is: how do you make your horse shine? It is really quite easy if you follow these simple steps.



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