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Recurrent Seasonal Pruritus (commonly known as Sweet Itch) is the most common allergic skin condition in horses. Horses with sweet itch experience intense itching along the abdomen, the back, mane, and tail.

Clipping is one of those jobs that many horse owners despise — it’s messy, time consuming, and too often can be stressful for both horse and owner. But you don’t have to dread clipping your horse. If you know how to use the clippers correctly and keep the horse calm and relaxed throughout the experience, you can end up with a horse that looks like he’s been to the groomers, rather than just having survived a fight with a lawnmower.

Horse Grooming Kit

There are several tools that are commonly used when grooming a horse. Proper use and technique helps to ensure the horse remains comfortable during the grooming process, and allows for greater ease in cleaning the animal.

Braid and Band Like a Professional

By Lindsay Grice - Braiding and banding can be done in a way that has both a professional quality as well as appearance. Following are some ideas that have helped me in my struggle over the years to braid and band with some success.

The Perfect Tail

By Marcus Koll - In the show ring, a clean flowing tail can really catch the judge's eye. So how do you get the perfect tail? Here, we're going to talk about how you can clip and trim the tail to help your horse look and feel its best.

How to Make Your Horse's Coat Shine

By Jessica R. Morgan - A beautiful coat starts with what is on the inside of your horse. No amount of grooming will make your horse look beautiful if he isn't getting the proper nutrition.

What You Need for a Perfect Mane

By Marcus Koll - Keeping your horse's mane looking its best isn't something to leave until the day before a show. Clipping and trimming a little each week will result in a better finish, a healthier mane, and a happier horse.



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