The Lactating Mare’s Needs are Equivalent to those of the Racehorse


By Purina Canada

The energy requirements of the lactating mare increase by 75 percent in relation to those of the horse in maintenance, and by 43 percent in relation to the needs of the mare at the end of gestation. In fact, the energy requirements of lactating mares are roughly equivalent to those of horses in intense exercise, such as racehorses! 

Ideally, the feed served to the mare should be reduced in unstructured carbohydrates, research having shown that this source of calories primarily provided by grains increases the risk of developing growth problems in the foal, especially when served in large quantities. A rich source of essential fatty acids (Omega 3) and highly digestible fibre, providing the mare with a suitable amount of quality protein and a high intake of vitamins and minerals, is also recommended.

Evolution Maternity is the feed that best fits this description, notably due to its low starch content.

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Photo: Pam MacKenzie Photo 

Purina Canada
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