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purina horse feed quality equine feed safe horse feed

purina horse feed quality equine feed safe horse feed


By Purina Canada

Far too many horse breeders and owners still give their horses livestock feed, either as a matter of convenience or to save money, since livestock products are generally less expensive and also non-taxable. Nutritionally, this practice is far from recommended, since livestock and horses are not comparable from a metabolic and digestive standpoint, and their dietary requirements differ greatly.

Very Different Nutritional Requirements

Other than the fact that physiologically the horse’s digestive tract is very different from that of a cow, and that each works quite differently, the dietary needs of horses are unique and driven by the use we make of the horse.

Feed Safety

Feeding livestock feed to horses is not ideal nutritionally, but most alarming remains the risk of poisoning from the different antibiotics that are sometimes used in feed made for other farm animals. The best-known are monensin sodium and lasalocid sodium, two drugs frequently used in feed for dairy and beef cattle to stimulate their growth.

Know that feed safety is the most important factor in our Purina feed quality program for horses. We are proud to manufacture our bagged Purina horse feeds exclusively at our new speciality feed facility located in Strathroy, Ontario. We are using the most advanced equipment and systems to ensure superior animal health and feed safety. 

We can guarantee that all bagged Purina horse feed is made in a facility that does not use or store medicating feed ingredients.

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purina horse feed quality equine feed safe horse feed

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