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EQUIADE equine Body Support horse product equine electrolytes supplements for horse nutrition rice bran equine

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Twenty-nine years ago, our founder, a long-time horseman and pharmacist, Arnold Epstein of Merrick, New York, was constantly searching for an effective way to enhance equine performance. Then, some 20 years ago, he developed Body Support, which in the United States is known as Body Builder Equine. It has become widely recognized as the most unique equine supplement offered by our company to build muscle in horses. Epstein took over two years to develop the product in order to find exactly the right mixture for maximum effect.

Epstein’s first product was “Jug,” a high grade and effective electrolyte mixture. He developed it as a revitalizer for horses and it was formulated to restore the natural vitality lost during strenuous activity or competition. It was the first product on the market and we still market it today. But he continued to formulate products, and partnered with Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, a specialist in the human health medical and nutritional field with over 30 years’ experience.

The use of herbal supplements, vitamins and extracts to support athletic performance, whether human or equine, has been evaluated and practiced for many hundreds of years.  

For an athlete, the primary purpose when first undergoing a strength-training program is to gain weight in the form of additional muscle. That in turn helps to gain strength. When ingested, plant compounds become supplements for the stimulation of molecules important for proper body functions.

Today, our most popular product remains Body Support. It contains rice bran oil and rice bran extract that also contains gamma oryzanol. The raw product is imported from Japan and we use the best grade brown rice extract in the world.

EQUIADE equine Body Support horse product equine electrolytes supplements for horse nutrition rice bran equine

What makes Body Support unique is that its formulation is based on an emulsified liquid concentrate from high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This makes it easier for the product to be absorbed in the digestive tract of the horse, giving it the medical concentration to do its work. 

The reason plant sterols such as rice bran and rice bran oil extract achieve muscular gains is due to the higher concentrations of the supplements being ingested than is normally taken through the diet. Within gamma oryzanol are naturally occurring mixes of sterols and ferulic acid. Together they stimulate weight gain through lean body mass due to their effect on the endocrine system. That high level of absorption increases the surface area so that full absorption can have maximum effect on the horse’s large body mass. 

By contrast, other products on the market use lower grade gamma oryzanol that does not mix well with oil. They require more than double the dose of our product but with less than five to ten times the absorption factor. It is the efficiency of Body Support that makes it so superior to other products on the market.

In addition, Body Support improves fertility in stallions by increasing production of testosterone. In mares it increases the production of estrogen, making conception easier and promoting healthier pregnancies. We have had testimonials of owners seeing their broodmares become more fertile and advance to full term giving birth to healthy foals. We attribute that to the crossing of the product through the placenta. In fact, we have between 2,500 and 3,000 broodmares on the product. And it is equally safe for weanlings, yearlings, and older horses, which is why it is widely used to prepare horses for sale.

The effects of the product can be seen very quickly – within three to four weeks – especially in horses that are already low in weight and in poor condition. There are no known side effects. While the product is developed from a plant sterol similar in structure to steroids, it has none of the adverse side effects. It is a natural alternative that doesn’t test as a drug.

The product not only increases lean body mass but improves appetite, stamina, body and coat condition, helps calm stressed and nervous horses after demanding work or competition, and stimulates better performance in racing. 

In the equine industry, we know that more than half of the high-end Thoroughbred yearlings that have sold have benefitted from Body Support. We see the same results for the higher priced Standardbred horses. 

This year’s Kentucky Derby winner, Nyquist, was trained by Doug O’Neill. The Belmont Stakes this year was won by Creator and he was trained by Steve Asmussen. Both trainers have used Body Builder Equine (Body Support), one of them for 20 years and the other for 15 years. In addition, trainer Richard Mandella has been using the product for 12 to 13 years. 

Ideally, for horses going for sale we advise starting them on a Body Support program three months or more before the event. Body Support can be top dressed on food (not mixed in) or can be administered orally with a syringe. 

Body Support is available in Canada through Greenhawk Harness and Equestrian Supplies, Cloverdale Pharmasave, and Wecan Sales

This information was contributed by Equiade, based in Clearwater, Florida. 

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