Podcast - Weaning Strategies with Lynn Acton

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Source: Best Horse Practices with Jec Ballou

I have written a lot about the power of a good start and the hazards and pitfalls of a bad start. Mostly, I’ve talked about my experiences with restarting horses who have been in bad homes or with neglectful or abusive owners or trainers. But this weaning conversation gives us a whole new perspective on what good and bad starts can mean.

Dr. Sheryl King, professor emeritus at Southern Illinois University had this to say: “At the University we weaned at about four or five months and did so by removing one mare from the mare/foal pasture at a time until there were finally no adults in with the foals. After trying a number of weaning methods, this seemed to be the one that worked best for us and created the least stress for the foals.”

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