By Lianne Knechtel, Manager, HIAA

Horse Industry Association of Alberta (HIAA) and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine will be hosting a one-day Equine Health Education Seminar for Alberta Horse Owners. The seminar will be held on Saturday April 7, 2018, in the Libin Theatre, University of Calgary Veterinary Medicine Building, at 3320 Hospital Drive NW, Calgary, Alberta.

Informative and enjoyable presentations will cover equine health topics in layman’s terms. Horse owners from all breeds and disciplines will learn about biomechanics, nutrition, respiratory issues, stomach ulcers, and equine acupuncture. The agenda includes:

Breathing and Performance: Understand Each Breath Your Horse Takes – Dr. Renaud Leguillette will delve into airways, dust ramifications, equine asthma, how to determine what is happening when your horse stops, how to identify throat problems, and some up-to-date solutions for helping get your horse back to peak performance.

Equine Nutrition: Basics for the Novice Owner – Dr. Ashley Whitehead will identify basic nutritional requirements, and matching the performance expectations of the horse with the appropriate feeding programs.

Equine Acupuncture: Equine Acupuncture–Complementary Alternative Therapy – Dr. Jean-Yin Tan will explain why acupuncture is a viable complement to the mainstream medicines that are available to horsemen today. 

Common Internal Problems: Stomach Ulcers in Your Horse – Dr. Ashley Whitehead will outline one of the most common internal issues that horsemen deal with every day: stomach ulcers. Dr. Whitehead will discuss why they have become so common, symptoms associated with ulcers, and research to help fix the problem.

The Horse Athlete: The Mechanics Behind the Performance – Dr. Renaud Leguillette will look at basic equine anatomy and how it influences the horse’s performance. 

Your ticket includes unlimited coffee, tea, and water throughout the day, and access to our Special Sponsor Booth area. A fresh and delicious brown bag lunch will be available offering gluten-free options. Parking will be available in Lot #6 (right across the road from UCVM).

Students will be eligible to claim CE credits.

Walk-in registration opens at 9:00 am. Presentations begin at 10:00 am and continue until 4:00 pm.

For more information, and to register online, please visit the Horse Industry Association of Alberta website.




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