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Source: University of Guelph

On February 10th, 2018, the University of Guelph will host its second Equine Industry Symposium.

The free Equine Industry Symposium will provide the opportunity for open discussion amongst industry professionals to address concerns within the industry.

In 2018 the focus of the event will be Youth Engagement in the equine industry, with the objective of collaborating across different equine industry sectors to determine techniques to actively engage youth, and ensure their ongoing involvement within.

A handful of educated, inspiring speakers from different areas of the equine industry will speak on their perspective on the topic of Youth Engagement. Following the panel discussion with the speakers, attendees will be split into smaller groups and will participate in focused conversation as part of the roundtable discussions. At the end of the day, each group will receive the opportunity to present their “action items” to all attendees.

Join us on Saturday, February 10th at the University of Guelph Lifetime Learning Center at the Ontario Veterinary College for the opportunity to participate in this inaugural event. Not only will you have the chance to network with equine industry professionals, you will be able to voice your personal opinions, helping us facilitate change within the industry.

Attendee registration will open in January.

Further information will be posted on the Facebook event page, or email:

Photo: This photo was taken at 2016 Equine Industry Symposium. Pictured is Akaash Maharaj, panel moderator (left in photo). Panel guests included: Wayne Burwash, President of Canadian Quarter Horse Association; James Martin, Executive Vice President, Racing at Woodbine Entertainment Group; Sarah Mayo, Educational Development Specialist; Michael King, Equine Insurance Specialist, Intercity Insurance Services Inc.; and Dwayne Job, President of System Fencing, Stalls & Equipment. Photo By Katrina Merkies, from event Facebook page. 


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