Capri & Intercity Insurance are Brokers of Choice for Canada’s Equine Community

Source: Intercity Insurance Services

October 5, 2017 – Capri Insurance Services Ltd. and Intercity Insurance Services Inc. have been trusted insurance and risk management partners in the Canadian equine industry for more than 20 years. With new agreements recently forged with the Ontario Equestrian Federation, Manitoba Horse Council, and the Newfoundland and Labrador Equestrian Association, the organization is now in exclusive service to all provincial and territorial equine associations in Canada (with the exception of Quebec).

As the architect of the provincial equine association insurance program in Canada, the experience of Capri and Intercity provides a trusted resource to the equine community from coast-to-coast, with a consistent risk management message and a comprehensive range of insurance products. “Equi-Care,” their suite of industry specific insurance products, has been developed through decades of experience in the community, and meets the unique needs of all horse enthusiasts.

Capri and Intercity have also recently expanded their long-standing partnership with Equine Guelph, supporting ongoing research and education that strengthens the equine community. Capri and Intercity are particularly proud to directly support Equine Guelph’s “Gut Health & Colic Prevention” training course, which will be offered through The Horse Portal in the winter of 2018.

“The confidence placed in us brings a responsibility to provide service and resource like never before to our clients from coast to coast and we are more than up for the task,” commented Mike King, partner at Capri and Intercity Insurance. “It is terrific news that the equine community has adopted our specialized programs based on a proactive and partnered approach to risk management, education, and insurance coverage.”

About Capri Insurance and Intercity Insurance

Capri and Intercity Insurance are uniquely independent, employee owned, and locally based insurance brokers with strong roots in the equine community. 

Capri Insurance Services Ltd. is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, and Intercity Insurance Services Inc. is in Aurora, Ontario. Together, the organization serves nearly 200,000 clients across Canada through 13 offices and they are one of the largest independent and employee-owned insurance brokers in Canada.

Mike King is a partner and equine industry lead for Capri and Intercity, and is a national figure in this specialized field. Mike is a lifelong horseman and has been an equine specialist in the insurance industry since 1993. 

For more information visit Capri Insurance Services Ltd. and Intercity Insurance Services Inc.

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