WHOA Dust™ - Reduce Dust and Improve Footing

WHOA Dust, Improve horse footing

WHOA Dust, Improve horse footing


WHOA Dust™ provides effective and economical dust control that is scientifically proven to be safe for the environment, animals, and people, while it increases the tensile strength of footing for better support, traction, and concussion absorption. WHOA Dust™ also reduces watering by up to 80 percent as it stops the dust from rising, retains moisture, and reduces maintenance time and costs. 

Compatible with numerous types of footing, almost anyone can use WHOA Dust™. Surprisingly small amounts of super-concentrated granules are recommended, and application is easy with a hand-broadcast seeder. Biodegradable and odorless granules visually disappear into the footing, where they continue for up to a year after initial application!

Physical properties:     

  • Granular form for economical shipping and easy install
  • Odorless and non-visual
  • Non-toxic
  • Environmental and animal safe
  • Biodegradable
  • Rejuvenated by water
  • Will not dilute or wash away

WHOA Dust, Improve horse footing

Benefits of WHOA Dust™:

  • WorkSafe BC approved
  • Simple and easy to apply
  • Reduces operational and maintenance costs
  • Increases tensile strength of footing
  • Can be used if calcium chloride has been used in the past
  • More cost effective than any other dust control product on the market

WHOA Dust™ is for:

  • Indoor riding arenas
  • Outdoor riding arenas
  • Dog agility
  • Tracks and arenas race tracks
  • Round pens
  • Corrals and paddocks
  • High traffic areas
  • Hog fuel footing 

WHOA Dust, Improve horse footing

How does it work?

WHOA Dust™ simply charges the neutrally-charged dust particles floating in your arena to a negative state (flocculation). Once charged the dust will be pulled down and no longer suspended in the air. Moisture will be retained to an optimal state and will reduce your need to water your arena by minimum of 50 percent. In addition, by charging the dust the surface suspension of your footing will be increased; footing will provide a more supportive and desirable texture and feel for you and your horse. 

Talk to us about your arena and how WHOA Dust™ can control the dust and improve your ride!

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