Review - PEAK Equestrian Angled Stirrup Irons

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Reviewed by April D. Ray

PEAK Equestrian, a division of Corma Industries Inc., is a Calgary-based manufacturer and retailer of PEAK Stirrups, angled English stirrup irons. These irons have an angled footbed, designed to keep the hunter/jumper rider confident and in control by helping to maintain the heels down position in the saddle, a correct leg position, and by reducing the strain on ankles, knees, and hips. They are available in three different angles: four degrees, six degrees, and eight degrees, to suit the needs of the individual rider. Made from high-quality mid-weight aluminum, the stirrups contain a wide footbed with a strong tread to keep the foot stable in the iron and prevent it from slipping.

peak equestrian stirrups best stirrup irons angled stirrup irons peak stirrups hunter/jumper stirrup iron

I am currently riding my horse in a dressage saddle, so I recruited students and friends to help test these stirrups out — but not before I tried them myself. I tested stirrups angled at six degrees, and found them to be a perfect weight. The timing was exceptional as I had just run a half marathon, and not wanting my horse to have any time off I rode the day after, despite being incredibly stiff and sore. I found with the PEAK stirrup irons, the pressure on my joints was relieved and I was able to easily keep my heels down with little to no effort. Once I had ridden in them for a few days, I gave them to Julia, a student of mine, who immediately commented on how easy it was to keep her heels down and her leg in place — something her sensitive mare truly appreciated. Previously, anytime Julia was off balance, or her leg didn’t stay underneath her, her mare would act up. Another rider at the barn tried the stirrups and liked them so much she has already committed to buying a pair. A long-time hunter/jumper rider with various injuries and resulting stiffness in her joints, she noticed a huge difference after riding in them just one day, and found she preferred them over her other stirrups.

While there are countless options out there for irons, I would highly recommend these. Not only are they made in Canada, (the Canadian flag embedded in the footbed is a subtle reminder of this), but they are also well designed and incredibly effective. Not having to fight against your tack while riding is beneficial for riders of all levels, and these stirrups help to keep your leg in place, which is essential for a good ride. These well-designed irons would also benefit anyone experiencing joint pain or stiffness, something that often goes hand-in-hand with the sport. With a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, you really can’t go wrong.

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This review was originally published in the Summer 2020 issue of Canadian Horse Journal.

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