Product Review: Rocky Mountain Equine Rescue Rub

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Reviewed by April D. Ray

As a fan and longtime user of Rocky Mountain Riders Rescue Rub, I was thrilled when they released Rocky Mountain Equine Rescue Rub. Just like the product for people, the equine version is 100 percent natural, hand crafted with quality ingredients and therapeutic grade pure essential oils and botanical extracts. I have been using Riders Rescue Rub for some time now with great success for relief from general muscle tension, and it’s essential after a fall or injury. 

The product contains arnica montana (also known as “Mother Nature’s pain reliever”), which helps to soothe aching muscles, and the MSM has cell-regenerating properties to penetrate into the joints and tissue increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. The analgesic therapeutic oils can also help to alleviate swelling or discomfort.

I have a client’s horse that has gone through a number of injuries and setbacks over the past year, and I found this rub was of great benefit in getting him back to soundness and riding. I have also been using the rub for my young mare in our regular grooming sessions, and I find it’s a great way to spend some quality time with her and know that any aches or pains she may be feeling will be relieved with the Rescue Rub.

As someone with really sensitive skin (and a sense of smell to match!) I like that the product has a pleasing smell and feels great on sensitive skin. With a lot of liniments or rubs for horses I am inclined to wear gloves or at the very least wash my hands immediately after applying. Using the Equine Rescue Rub I didn’t find the need to do so at all. 

This product can be used for support before or after workouts, for everyday maintenance, or to aid horses suffering from muscle and or joint injury and arthritis. I would highly recommend having the Rescue Rub for both yourself and your horse on hand in your medicine cabinet and tack box.  

This company believes in their product so much they offer a risk free, money back, satisfaction guarantee.

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This article was originally published in the September/October 2016 issue of Canadian Horse Journal. 

Rocky Mountain Equine Rescue Rub