Product Review: Reign Tall and Ryder Mid by Muck Boots

Reviewed by April D. Ray and Elisa Crees

Earlier this year, two pairs of Muck Boots arrived at the Canadian Horse Journal office in Sidney, BC, for testing. Elisa, our designer, and I each took a pair and put them to the test.

I chose to review the Reign Tall, a boot designed to go over breeches or under jeans, and can be worn to ride in if needed as they feature a stirrup-friendly toe and a heel spur. While they were definitely my go-to boot in the wet and cold weather, the XpressCool™ liner makes them easy to wear in warmer conditions too. Being 100 percent waterproof is just another great feature for those wet days here on the west coast. 

Reign Tall

I found the boots incredibly comfortable, and my slightly wider foot had lots of space without the boot being too roomy. While I was able to hop on a horse while teaching, I don’t see myself using these as a riding boot on a regular basis due to the wider footbed and overall weight of the boot. Having said that though, it’s great to know I can ride in them if needed, and I don’t imagine this would be an issue in a western or slightly wider stirrup. Overall, I found the boots to be incredibly comfortable and stylish for anything from barn chores to dog walks to even errands around town.   

Elisa tested the Ryder Mid, which has many of the same great features of the Reign Tall, but is more of an easy-to-get-on, easy-to-kick-off boot in a traditional wellie style. These boots are ten inches in height, 100 percent waterproof, and have the XpressCool™ lining offering year-round comfort ranging from temperatures of 4 to 35 degrees Celsius. On those really hot days when you still need to protect your feet, you can roll down the boot leg to stay even cooler, one of the benefits of a mid-rise boot. She found them comfortable and easy to walk in with good support through the foot bed, similar to a close-fitted boot that laced up. The style reflects a Western boot, with scalloped top and pull-on straps, and mimicked double stitching across the vamp. Whether you choose to ride in them, wear them around the farm or work in the garden, these boots won’t let you down.   

Ryder Mid

Both boots are available in different colours and sizes 5 to 11. The Original Muck Boot Company has been around since 1999 and aims to build the most comfortable high performance footwear on the market.

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This article was originally published in the September/October 2016 issue of Canadian Horse Journal. 

Muck Boots - Reign Tall and Muck Boots - Ryder Mid
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