NovaVive Launches Equine-Specific Product to Treat Sarcoid Tumours


NovaVive Inc., an animal health immunobiology company, has announced the launch of an equine-specific version of its Immunocidin® product for equine sarcoid tumours in response to demand by US veterinarians. The new product, Immunocidin® Equine, is packaged in 5 ml vials for the convenience of practitioners. The company believes that there is no other regulator-approved equine sarcoid therapy in North America.

Equine sarcoids are locally aggressive fibroblastic neoplasms considered to be the most common skin tumours of horses worldwide. They are often found around the eyes, head/face, neck, chest, and shoulder, and at the site of old scars. Young to middle-aged horses are most commonly affected by sarcoids, and it is estimated that sarcoids affect one in 100 horses in North America.

Current treatment options include surgery, ligation, cryotherapy, topical treatment, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and laser removal; many of these treatments incur side effects. Immunotherapy is a safe and effective treatment option.


NovaVive, sarcoid tumours, horse health, horse care, Immunocidin, intratumoral injection horses

Pre-treatment - 04.27.16 


NovaVive, sarcoid tumours, horse health, horse care, Immunocidin, intratumoral injection horses

After 4 Immunocidin treatments - 07.11.16 

Immunocidin® Equine is administered by intratumoral injection, but the response is generalized and untreated sites frequently undergo regression as well.

“Immunocidin® Equine has a high post-treatment tumour-free rate and is well-tolerated by horses, including older animals,” said Dr. Stan Alkemade, Chief Veterinary Scientific Officer at NovaVive Inc. “The product has minimal side effects and an excellent safety profile. It offers an economical treatment option to veterinarians.”                

For more information about Immunocidin® Equine or the company’s other products, visit 

Before and after pictures of a horse treated with Immunocidin®. The second picture was taken two weeks after four injections administered at 14-day intervals.

NovaVive - Sarcoid Tumours
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