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Improve Your Horse’s Digestive Performance

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Can probiotics help my horse? The answer depends on the cause of the horse’s digestive issues. Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial for horses experiencing several conditions, including an unhealthy diet, stress from travel or competition, age-related issues, illness, or recovery from surgery. For foals, probiotics help populate young digestive systems faster.

Great-Gut Equine Probiotic enhances the horse’s digestive process so that all the nutrients in your current feed are made immediately available. Produced by LVPerformance Horse Supplements in Bushnell, Florida, Great-Gut is for all horses of all ages and all activities.

UPRA barrel racer Trudy Holloway started using Great-Gut three years ago and calls it her “Miracle in a bottle.” Her recent success has been using it on barrel horses in training. “Using Great-Gut keeps them healthy, regular and helps them digest their grain,” she says. 

What makes Great-Gut unique is that it contains over four billion colony-forming units (CFUs) per two-ounce serving, which is higher than most equine probiotics on the market. A colony-forming unit is a unit used to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample. The product contains four live probiotic strains including two equine specific strains.

Great-Gut Equine Probiotic comes in a pH balanced liquid state to survive stomach acids, and does not require refrigeration. It contains a high concentration of organic acids, which lower the pH in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract to create unfavourable conditions for harmful bacteria such as E.coli, salmonella, etc. This lets the good bacteria survive to greatly enhance nutrient uptake which, in turn, aids in managing digestive stress caused by situations such as hay fluctuations, stress, competition, transportation, surgery, hospitalization, disease, training, an unhealthy diet, or changes in a diet. It assists in hindgut fermentation, supports healthy digestion as well as intestinal and immune health, and promotes regularity.

Probiotic products can vary in their results – what works for one horse may not be as effective for another. While the bacterial species in the CFUs may be similar across many products, the supporting ingredients may be different and may affect how the probiotic works. However, it is important to remember that patience is essential, since it takes time for Great-Gut, like any probiotic, to reach its potential.

“The benefits of administering probiotics to horses can only be seen when given for a prolonged amount of time and, generally, when administration of that supplement goes away, so do the benefits,” says Kelcey Swyers, head nutritionist at Ranch-Way feeds in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a PhD candidate at Colorado State University. “So feed according to the manufacturer’s label and feed for the whole amount of time that you horse could benefit from it.”

Dressage rider Kim Herslow gives the product to her performance horses as well as clients’ horses, some of which are picky eaters. “I highly recommend using this product if you have a horse with any GI problems, being pushed to the next level of training, or travelling to shows regularly,” she says. 

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