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Whitening …is your horse ever stain free?

Are you show ready?

Exhibitor’s legendary Quic Silver Shampoo will always be the standout formula and continues to intensify and whiten with unrivalled performance, with diamond-like brilliance. 

Quic Silver is a gentle cleansing formula with advanced technology that creates intensifying shine for equine hair by optically altering the way light interacts with each hair shaft, creating incredible platinum highlights with bold snow-white results. Quic Silver is designed for whitening and brightening gray and albino coats (bringing out silvery highlights), and palomino and cream coats (bringing out golden highlights). 

Now that your horse is gleaming, braid up his mane with our Quic Braid to ensure braids and bands are tight, tidy, and without flyaways. Quic Braid provides professional grooming grip without being slippery or sticky.

Now you are show ready! 

Exhibitor’s…the professional solution for that blue-ribbon excellence. Groom like you mean it!

For more information, contact 1-800-827-9815, or visit the Exhibitor’s website.

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