Book Review: Horse Daze

horse daze, peter hurst, winshields farm, clayborne farm, cyberfoalMy Time With Horses

Poems by Peter J. Hurst

64 pages

FriesenPress, May 25, 2015

ISBN 1-4602-6346-4

Hardcover, paperback, e-Book

Reviewed by Kathy Smith

Author Peter J. Hurst was born and raised in England, and his passion for horses began at a young age. He spent his entire professional life taking care of horses, first in England and then at Winfields Farm in Ontario and at Clayborne Farm in Alberta, before retiring to Gabriola Island, BC with his wife Terry and their two dogs. 

Since 1997, Hurst has operated, which is dedicated to helping orphan foals by connecting horse owners and breeders who are in need of colostrum, or have colostrum and nurse mares available.

Hurst’s book, Horse Daze, is a collection of poems celebrating his lifetime spent with horses. As you read through Hurst’s poems you will feel the joy of watching foals at play, the love and trust shared between horse and rider, the sacrifice of our equine soldiers, the bond between mare and foal, the inspiration of our equine heroes, and the ceaseless enthusiasm and passion the author holds for these noble creatures. The book is illustrated with colour photos that capture the essence of the poems.

Horse Daze is available from, and

Book Review: Horse Daze
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