Fencing & Pasture

Finishing Your Fence: Installing Tensioned & Electric Fencing

By John Ferris - Your fencing project is ready to be finished off with the fabricating material. This can be done with traditional wood rails, but popular options these days are tensioned materials such as polymer coated wire, vinyl rail, wire mesh, or electric due to their low maintenance requirements, ease of installation, and economical cost. One thing these products have in common is the need to be installed and tensioned properly in order to be both safe and effective.

Horse Fence Posts & Braces

By John Ferris - The humble fence post is the foundation of our fencing project, and one of the most important commodities in our equine and farming society. It is the mainstay required to produce and maintain healthy pastures, protect our livestock and food sources from predators, determine our boundaries, and add value to our real estate.

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The containment of your horse is a very important and serious business, and doing the job right the first time is worth every bit of effort and expense you lay out. When planning your fencing project, try to eliminate as many potential problems as possible and keep the safety of the horse uppermost in mind.

Strip Grazing for Horse Pasture

By John Ferris - Watching horses wade into a lush spring pasture is a satisfying sight after a long Canadian winter. Some simple management tips will ensure your horses can enjoy that lovely grass well into the next few months, weather permitting.



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