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If one of your passions is horses (and this seems a likely possibility given that you’re reading these words), you may have dreamed about an equine-related career for years. Perhaps your long-standing interest in a particular sector of the horse industry will give you a specific goal to work toward, as it did for farrier Dean Sinclair.

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Of all the nutrients that a horse requires to survive, vitamins and minerals represent the smallest percentage of the equine diet. Yet these tiny substances are critically important when it comes to keeping your horse’s body functioning and in good health.

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Looking Around for Great Horse Gifts? Look no further than our Deck the Stalls 2014 Holiday Gift Guide.The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you’re searching for the perfect gift for that special horse or horse lover on your list – rejoice!

Noel: The Christmas Pony

By Jonathan Field - Every so often you encounter a story that really sticks with you. You find yourself reflecting on it as you’re going about your daily routines. You wonder, “Why did that happen? How can I help?” That’s what happened when I first heard about a young horse named Noel.

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Please join Horse Council BC and a stellar line-up of speakers at the 5th Annual BC Equine Education Summit in Richmond, BC from March 13th to 15th, 2015!

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The often tumultuous world of horse rescue is most certainly a rollercoaster ride at best – from glorious victories to crushing failures, to those long nights with a colicking horse, to the utter confusion cloaking a mystery ailment – the ride our horses guide us on is never easy.


Equine Canada and Para-Equestrian Canada announce on November 12, 2014, that Andrea Taylor, of...

Jump Canada is pleased to announce the young athletes who have been named recipients of the Jump...

The Circle F Horse Rescue Society based in Abbotsford, BC, presents Giving Tuesday Match...

The 33rd Annual Horse Breeders and Owners Conference will take place from January 9 to 11, 2015...

Congratulations to Olympian Roberta Sheffield, a Canadian Para-Equestrian Dressage athlete who...

By Lindsay Grice - Falling off hurts! It can shake a rider’s confidence so much that many choose to abandon riding altogether, and it can scare their horse, too.

performance horse stress, performance horse psychology

It is common knowledge that a horse must achieve optimal physical fitness in order to deliver a peak performance, but what kind of impact does psychological condition...

Safe Road Riding on Horseback

By Horse Council BC - As many equestrians take to the roads, keeping themselves and their horses safe while sharing road space with cars, trucks, motorcycles and...

By April Clay, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist - Analysis does have a dark side: it can lead to the “thinking too much” syndrome. Most riders have experienced this...

Horse Personality Profiling

By Will Clinging - When starting to work with a new horse, I am never sure what I’m faced with. In order to make my training time with that particular horse more...

Feeding for Happy Horse Feet

By Lynn Stewart - Many factors can affect hoof quality, including environment, genetics, farrier care, and nutrition. Fortunately, a horse’s nutrition can be easily...

How to Care for Your New Foal

By Mark Andrews, DVM - You have waited eleven months for your foal to arrive. Now he is here what can you do to ensure he gets off to the best possible start in life...

Spring Horse Care

By Kentucky Equine Research - Do you ride all winter, no matter how deep the snow gets, or do you hang up your saddle at the first cool breeze in autumn? If the...

Common Signs of Dental Problems in Horses

By Horse Council BC - Your horse needs proper dental care just like you do. Left unattended, gums and teeth may become damaged over time, or food may become trapped,...

Equine Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity

By Marielle St-Laurent, DVM - Years ago, veterinarians recognized that obese horses develop a different metabolism than healthy horses. They often find it difficult...

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Slow feeding is quickly being accepted as a common sense way to feed horses, as it comes closer to feeding the way nature intended. This healthier system regulates...

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Champion Horse Blankets is a family owned business located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Since 2006, Champion Horse Blankets has been providing premium...

Britespan Building Systems Inc. announces the launch of the new Atlas 52 L-10 model. This model was specifically designed to allow greater clearance for overhead...

Abby Saddle Shop in Abbotsford, British Columbia, which has been proudly serving the horse community for over 23 years, has a proud new owner – Alexia Zizzy.

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Hindgut acidosis is a digestive, health-related issue in horses, especially those fed large amounts of starchy processed grain. A high grain diet for a horse combined...

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Jump Canada is pleased to announce the young...

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"My goal as a horseman is to achieve the highest connection possible with horses. I want my horses to be as interested in me...

Why do horses do what they do? Is it me or my horse? Coach, judge, speaker, and equine behaviourist, Lindsay Grice helps...


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