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According to a BBC report, since the year 2000 some 230 horses, mules and oxen have died from exhaustion during the weeklong festivities and many more have suffered serious injuries. In 2008, fatalities peaked at 25 animals drawing the ire of animal welfare charities when people stepped up to the plate to raise awareness. In 2014 a dead horse was abandoned on the side of the pilgrims’ route.

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As much as speed is everything in horse racing, so is slipstreaming. Also known as drafting, slipstreaming is a riding technique in which jockeys run their horses behind or alongside another horse to reduce aerodynamic drag. Slipstreaming saves a horse’s vital energy for that last dash to the finish line. It is a technique used in many speed and distance sports such as speed skating and cycling to save an athlete’s power and energy. Now some fascinating science has shown just how precisely different racing positions reduce drag during a race.

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If you’ve ever been to a gym after a long absence or started up a new exercise routine as part of your New Year’s resolution, you have a good appreciation for the importance of gaining and maintaining fitness. The same concept applies to your horse when you put him back into training after giving him the winter off, after a layoff from an injury, or when starting a young horse under saddle. Unfortunately, many horse owners and trainers are concerned only with working their horses over obstacles or schooling maneuvers specific to their sport, rather than ensuring their horses are fit enough to perform such tasks.

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There are a vast number of plants located throughout Canada that are toxic to horses in some respect. Many need to be eaten in large doses to cause much of an effect, while others require only a few mouthfuls. There are a variety of resources on plants toxic to livestock, but the Canadian Poisonous Plants Information System seems to be the most comprehensive. It lists over 250 poisonous plants found in Canada, their lethal dose (if known), and symptoms of poisoning.

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What do you do when you are faced with a health emergency with your horse? Would you be prepared? Many owners don’t feel they are equipped physically – and emotionally – to deal with a first aid emergency situation involving their horse, be it wire cuts, trailering injuries, stings, burns, puncture wounds, digestive distress, or something less dramatic but potentially just as serious.

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Q: I have a new stallion that I hope to offer cooled and frozen semen from. What do I need to do to prepare him for collection? A: Starting a stallion is perhaps the most important aspect of breeding management.


The Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa (TROtt) has been serving children, youth and adults...

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Equine Canada (EC) has announced an exciting opportunity for EC officials to gain a unique and...

By Lindsay Grice - Falling off hurts! It can shake a rider’s confidence so much that many choose to abandon riding altogether, and it can scare their horse, too.

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It is common knowledge that a horse must achieve optimal physical fitness in order to deliver a peak performance, but what kind of impact does psychological condition...

Safe Road Riding on Horseback

By Horse Council BC - As many equestrians take to the roads, keeping themselves and their horses safe while sharing road space with cars, trucks, motorcycles and...

By April Clay, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist - Analysis does have a dark side: it can lead to the “thinking too much” syndrome. Most riders have experienced this...

Horse Personality Profiling

By Will Clinging - When starting to work with a new horse, I am never sure what I’m faced with. In order to make my training time with that particular horse more...

Feeding for Happy Horse Feet

By Lynn Stewart - Many factors can affect hoof quality, including environment, genetics, farrier care, and nutrition. Fortunately, a horse’s nutrition can be easily...

How to Care for Your New Foal

By Mark Andrews, DVM - You have waited eleven months for your foal to arrive. Now he is here what can you do to ensure he gets off to the best possible start in life...

Spring Horse Care

By Kentucky Equine Research - Do you ride all winter, no matter how deep the snow gets, or do you hang up your saddle at the first cool breeze in autumn? If the...

Common Signs of Dental Problems in Horses

By Horse Council BC - Your horse needs proper dental care just like you do. Left unattended, gums and teeth may become damaged over time, or food may become trapped,...

Equine Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity

By Marielle St-Laurent, DVM - Years ago, veterinarians recognized that obese horses develop a different metabolism than healthy horses. They often find it difficult...

Cowboy Magic was founded by Jim and Charlotte Cummings in 1979 to provide high quality grooming products, including shampoos, conditioners, finishing sprays, and gels...

For more than 45 years, The Original Mane ‘n Tail shampoo and conditioner have been providing equine enthusiasts with their horses’ grooming needs, leaving a positive...

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The goal for designer Marie Marshall is to make your horse shine.

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The barn-inspired, post-frame manufactured buildings by Barn Pros are designed with environmentally harvested materials, infused with the craft and detail of a custom...

New from Tom Balding, this beautifully crafted bit features the new Bighorn© shank in brown with stainless dots, measuring 7 3/4 inches, with the Tom Balding...

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