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Shadowfax Lord of the Rings Euthanized

The Death of a Legend - Blanco, the angelic white horse who was the primary equine actor to play Gandalf’s mythical steed Shadowfax in the blockbuster Lord of The Rings (LoTR) movies The Two Towers and The Return of The King, was euthanized on March 24, 2014. One of the most beloved animal stars to ever emerge from Hollywood films, the 25-year-old Andalusian gelding suddenly fell critically ill while at home with owner, horse behaviour and positive training expert, Cynthia Royal.

horse emergency preparedness for natural disasters

By Barbara Sheridan - Ice storms, blizzards, floods, or tornadoes - it seems that over the past few years, we've seen them all. No one is immune from the possible effects of a disaster, no matter what the season, but preparing ahead of time and having an emergency plan in place before disaster strikes will help to keep our horses safe and out of harm's way.

Caledon Equestrian Park

By Lindsay Day, REMT - They happen only once every four years, encompass some 49 different sports, and represent one of the biggest sporting events in the world. And, in 2015, they will be staged on Canadian soil.

The Forces of Evil: 13 Equine Diseases

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - No owner wants to see their horse suffer. An appropriate equine vaccination program is one way to help ensure your horse's longevity and quality of life. When you vaccinate your horse against any number of diseases, you are protecting him from experiencing the devastating symptoms caused by any of the following:

Improving Your Horse Property

By Kathy Smith - With the summer sunshine on its way, it’s time for horse property owners to get outside and look for ways to maintain and improve their farms and pastures. The time and effort invested now will help keep your property looking its best and your horses safe, and preserve your beloved country way of life.

With Lyle Jackson, By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - In reining, rhythm, or “cadence,” is necessary when it comes to executing all aspects of a well ridden pattern. The horse should be balanced and responsive while willingly accepting the riders aids which should appear seamless. Establishing a consistent rhythm which can be adjusted accordingly is one of the fundamental building blocks that will assist the rider in achieving the ultimate goal in reining, which is a horse who appears to be executing a flawless pattern without the interference of the rider.


Equine Canada and the Quebec Equestrian Federation are pleased to announce that the fourth...

By Hayley Lewallen, NRHA - Duane Latimer unofficially become the National Reining Horse...

Learn the physiology of equine conditioning and what’s best for your equine athlete with Equine...

Equine Canada is pleased to be able to offer a new opportunity for stewards to upgrade or...

With summer on its way, it will soon be time to load up your horses and head to the 2014...

By April Clay, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist - Analysis does have a dark side: it can lead to the “thinking too much” syndrome. Most riders have experienced this...

Horse Personality Profiling

By Will Clinging - When starting to work with a new horse, I am never sure what I’m faced with. In order to make my training time with that particular horse more...

Collection for the Jumping Horse

With Claudia Cojocar - Collection is the state of the horse in which he lightens his forehand and changes posture by engaging his hindquarters. When you have correct...

Horse Instincts

By Stan Walchuk, Jr. - The most basic instincts of the horse are related to its survival as a prey animal. First and most obvious is the fear instinct, commonly...

A Willing Trot in Showmanship

By Lindsay Grice - When your horse resists coming forward you will inspire him to do so by dialing up the level of discomfort and immediately releasing the pressure...

How to Care for Your New Foal

By Mark Andrews, DVM - You have waited eleven months for your foal to arrive. Now he is here what can you do to ensure he gets off to the best possible start in life...

Spring Horse Care

By Kentucky Equine Research - Do you ride all winter, no matter how deep the snow gets, or do you hang up your saddle at the first cool breeze in autumn? If the...

Common Signs of Dental Problems in Horses

By Horse Council BC - Your horse needs proper dental care just like you do. Left unattended, gums and teeth may become damaged over time, or food may become trapped,...

Equine Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity

By Marielle St-Laurent, DVM - Years ago, veterinarians recognized that obese horses develop a different metabolism than healthy horses. They often find it difficult...

Colostrum for Foals: The Magic Milk

Winter snow may still blanket the ground, but foaling season will be here before we know it. If you have a pregnant mare in your barn, plan ahead to collect and...

Purica’s Recovery® EQ horse joint supplement

Purica’s Recovery® EQ increases the structural integrity of connective tissue structures and maintains optimum tissue hydration. It also improves recovery rates,...

Horse Buying Bewares

By Jess Hallas-Kilcoyne - Buying a horse is one of the most exciting experiences you will ever have as a horse person. However, the process of shopping for a horse...

Photo courtesy of Zoe Lucas, Sable Island Green Horse Society

By Margaret Evans - Three hundred kilometres east of Halifax, Nova Scotia, lies a crescent-shaped island of sand 42 kilometres long by just 1.4 kilometres wide at low...

Circle Z Ranch

The oldest continuously operating dude ranch in Arizona (since the 1920s), Circle Z Ranch in Patagonia is a 6500-acre oasis of peace and calm, perfect for a relaxing...

ENELL Sports Bra - Less Bounce for Your Buck

The ENELL Sports Bra was designed specifically for well-endowed women who require superior support while riding or working out, without compromising on comfort. The...

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